Wondering Monster


Hit dice
Armor defence
1 bite (1d6); 1 claw (1d4)
60 feet; fly 100 feet

Luposwoops are monstrous wolves with the wings, claws, and tail feathers of hawks or magpies. They tend to roost in towers and mountain caves, from where they can descend upon unsuspecting animals and people and tear them apart, feasting on their warm flesh and bringing it home to their nesting young in their claws. While Luposwoops hunt to feed, some develop a liking to shiny objects, so their nesting areas are often a good source of treasure.

Luposwoops tend to hunt in packs of four to ten. When attacking, a Luposwoop drops heavily from the sky, rending at its prey with its sharp claws, before landing and continuing the assault with its wolf maw.

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