Wondering Monster

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Briar Priest

The sages have many tales to tell of the Vorhvex, that vast and ancient magical forest marking Riverie’s south border. Once, it is said, people and the creatures of the woods lived in harmony amongst those dark and brooding trees. Roads ran the length of the forest, and a monastery to the forest god Yaqun sat somewhere deep in its groves. But those times are long past. Nobody who enters the forest now ever comes out. Tell me more


Luposwoops are monstrous wolves with the wings, claws, and tail feathers of hawks or magpies. They tend to roost in towers and mountain caves, from where they can descend upon unsuspecting animals and people and tear them apart. Tell me more

Moon Imp

Moon Imps are tiny misshapen orbs of moon rock with small clawed legs and twisted faces, resembling miniscule rotund gargoyles. They tend to circle around the heads of worshippers of Obarax, with more powerful beings attracting more Moon Imps. Tell me more

The Geron

The Geron is an elemental demon made of evil moon dust, appearing most often in the form of a seven-foot-tall humanoid with long, tapered arms and legs, floating a few inches above the ground, with a blank dark space instead of a face, where a strange silvery light occasionally flickers. Tell me more