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A Sack of Resources for Old School Adventures

This weekend I’m running a one-shot adventure for a group of friends, and in pursuit of a D&D-esque system which would get out of the way, but also give that feeling of weird glorious number-crunching corner-peeking treasure-hoisting spider-escaping potion-slurping joy I remember from my first games with D&D 3rd Edition in high school, I discovered Ben Milton’s perfect confection Knave. Milton seems to be a big name in the OSR community, to which I am only a newcomer. All I can say is that Knave, and Milton’s other game Maze Rats, just really hit that system sweet spot for me. I think it might be because Milton plays his games with high schoolers. They still feel electric, y’know?

After discovering Knave, I went on a rampage through the TRPG Internet, and in the interests of being able to return to these things myself, here’s my treasure hoard, my haul. I’m expecting a lot of XP when I drag this sack back into town, believe me.


Knave specific




Items, treasure, herbs, &c.


  • Wonder & Wickedness by Lost Pages, a level-less magic system. Looks intersting, but I haven’t looked through it yet. Level-less magic systems are always the way to go anyway!

Character building

  • 200 Failed Medieval Careers by 10 Foot Polemic (a particularly wonderful blog title), everything you’ll ever need to discover who you were before you became the sort of person who spends all their afternoons running away from spiders.

Tools and utilities

  • Mipui, a dungeon mapping tool.


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