Wondering Monster

The Geron

Hit dice
Armor defence
1 petrifying touch (1d6/special)
40 feet

The Geron is an elemental demon made of evil moon dust, appearing most often in the form of a seven-foot-tall humanoid with long, tapered arms and legs, floating a few inches above the ground, with a blank dark space instead of a face, where a strange silvery light occasionally flickers.

If a living creature is touched by the Geron, it is dealt 1d6 damage and must succeed in a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or begin turning to loose, dusty stone (losing 1d8 maximum HP at the end of each round). A creature who reaches 0 HP in this way turns completely into dust.

Design notes: call me susceptible, but the name of this monster came from my phone autocorrecting my misspelling of 'demon'.

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